Refer a Friend:

Get $50 every time you refer a friend to Magnum Options!

As a huge thank you for being such loyal traders and choosing Magnum Options as your trading platform, we are proud to introduce the “Refer-a-friend” program. For every friend that you refer who deposits a minimum of $200, we will reward you both with a bonus added to each of your trading accounts. There is no limit to how many friends a trader can refer so the more friends who join, the more money you can both make!

Follow Feature:

With this new trading-strategy tool, our traders will now be able to track & follow the activity of top traders-per-asset based on success rates, trading volume and trading amounts. With the follow feature, traders are able to select who they would like to follow based on personal taste and can mirror successful traders actions. This will ensure clients improve on their skills, expand their binary options knowledge and increase their chances of making a profitable choice which will result in making more money.

Ladder Trading:

Ladder options trading is gaining popularity rapidly amongst traders. Magnum Options has added this feature to benefit our experienced traders. This strategy of trading entails good logical skills and a great understanding of the financial market. It also allows our traders to make more sophisticated predictions and earn rewards as the value of an option “climbs the ladder”. When using this option, our traders will see a series of pre-defined price levels on an asset in the Call or Put direction, depending on what they initially projected and can then decide if the option will hit these various strike points and make investments where needed. Users can now retain earnings based on the continued movement of an asset, with returns reaching up to 1500%.

Forex Trading (on Binary Options Platforms):

Magnum Options has recently implemented forex- type asset in a binary options designed strategy. This feature gives users more flexibility when making a trade, which as a result increases their probabilities of making a profit. When making a trade using the Forex Feature, the user first picks a contract size value, and then sets up their Stop Loss, Take Profit direction and position. With this type of trading, it allows a brokers option to expire within a specified time period so even with a huge decrease of a currencies value, the possible movement of their investment stays fixed. It also eliminates worry about movements when not able to keep an eye out on the market. *Please note that forex trading regulations are not be permitted in all regions of the world and vary by country.

Strategy Advisor Feature:

The Strategy Advisor is one of the newest types of binary options trading tools that can be used by traders via It allows the trader to choose from three data analytic strategies that can assist by giving further understanding into the movements of an asset. The three strategies used in this feature are, Relative Strength Index (RSI), Moving Average, and Bollinger Bands which all use different formulas with past statistics from recent trading periods of an asset, to calculate the data and provide a call/put recommendation on an asset.

“Candlestick Chart” Feature:

The Candlestick chart view is a brand new element that enables traders to see the open, high, low and close values of an asset for each time period that a trader wants to display. This feature is visually appealing and easier to interpret and allows a comparison of the relationship between the open and close which is considered important information. This type of chart also provides earlier signs of market turns which help with better timing when entering and withdrawing from the market.